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This supervision can occur on or off campus, in curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular activities.

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A written plan to resolve the conflict of interest should be developed by the faculty member, the academic administrator in most cases, the department chair , and the head of the academic unit e. For these reasons, the student must find the plan to be acceptable.

Faculty-Student Relationships | Standard Practice Guides - University of Michigan

Final approval of the plan is the responsibility of the head of the academic unit e. Determination of Plan Acceptability: Therefore, the academic administrator and the head of the academic unit e. Violations of this policy will be considered misconduct on the part of a faculty member and will be subject to institutional sanctions up to and including termination of appointment.

Student supervisors or graduate student teachers e. Standard Practice Guide Policies Search.

Search this page Search this page. Policy The teacher-student relationship lies at the foundation of the educational process.

The College Professor Changing the Way We Date

Definition Supervisory Responsibility includes, but is not limited to, teaching, research, academic advising, coaching, service on evaluation or thesis committees, grading, recommending in an institutional capacity for employment, fellowships, or awards. Regulations Prohibition of Supervision: Role of the Academic Administrator: If an academic administrator learns of a potential conflict of interest from another source e. Impact on Third Parties: This policy does not preempt existing codes of student conduct.

Is it possible that a relationship with a TA or a professor could end well?

However, Orlov warns that healthy relationships between students and instructors are very rare, and, for the most part, the dangers of such relationships outweigh any potential benefits. So your TA or professor is young, knowledgeable, and kind of okay, really attractive. What should you do about it?


Flirt and see what happens, or avoid at all costs? Aria and Fitz might have made it work in Pretty Little Liars , but in real life, dating a professor or TA could have serious emotional consequences—not to mention, such relationships are usually banned by college rules. Does it have to be this partner?

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  6. No romantic situation is black-and-white. Have you ever found yourself crushing on a TA or professor?

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