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Since her time as Sarah, Laura has made quite the career change as she has been pursuing a music career. Her dreams may be helped by her new husband, lead singer of MN8. In the former actress announced she was returning to the soap, only this time as the makeup artist. Norman Coburn can hold his head high for his portrayal of Donald Fisher.

Donald was the headmaster of Summer Bay High, the local high school. After initially appearing as the main antagonist of the show, Donald soon learns to take a softer approach as he helps guide the students of the show through their lives. Norman officially left the show in , but the actor made various reappearances in Home and Away over the years until Altogether the actor was in over 1, episodes of the soap.

Since his departure, Norman has only made a minor appearance back on screen in The Hollowmen during but has continued to keep in contact with his former children from the show.

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At 80 years old, Norman now lives out his days with his family on Bruny Island, Tasmania. This actress began acting when she was just eight years old. Her look soon caught the eye of a modeling agency who offered Christie the chance to sign up, but she decided acting was the way forwards. While still a child, Christie had many appearances on stage. In , Christie was cast as the first Sutherland member when she landed the role of Kirsty. Fans were entertained by the character for the next nine years before her final exit. Although Christie initially turned down the chance to become a model, after leaving the show Christie dabbled in the career for a time.

While still at school, Sam Atwell signed up to a number of drama and acting courses as he discovered his passion for performing. It was during high school that Sam founded his very own theater company that was sponsored by the school. With the help of funding, the company was able to put on various plays, including Blackrock. Landing the role of Kane Phillips on Home and Away gave the actor the break he had been searching for so long.

Sam knew what he wanted, and went for it. After eight years on the show, the actor moved on in where he went on to appear in Wonderland, and Secret Life of Boys.

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The former actor has stayed in show business as he now writes short films, runs his own film and theater company, and continues to produce a number of plays. In between all of this, Sam is also a script consultant for the Irish soap opera, Fair City.

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Before appearing on the hit soap opera, Mark had lived a childhood career as a stage actor after appearing in productions such as Oliver. In , the young actor was cast in the movie, Jessica. While the fact that Ric was still alive left room to return, Mark has stayed away from the show. It looks as though this actor still has plenty up his sleeve as he has two films due to be released in Jade was another of the Sutherland clan to make their way to Summer Bay.

The character was first introduced during when Jade moved from the big city to her new home. Landing the part of Jade Sutherland made Kate into a household name as people all across the nation fell in love with the young actress. Since the show, Kate played the minor role of Suzie in Sea Patrol during However, at 18 years old Kate married Ben Fields, a director who went on to direct Home and Away for five years.

Since then we know that the former actress has had three children, but appears to now stay out of the limelight. Danny had landed a number of TV appearances before his time on Home and Away.

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However, it was in that things all changed as he was cast to play Alex Poulos, brother to Leah, in the soap. Sadly the actor decided to leave the soap in to accept the offer of playing Constable Joss Peroni in Blue Heelers. Over the next few years, Danny continued to act in minor productions until when he decided to step behind the camera. For over a decade the former soap star has been one of the directors for the show. Altogether he has directed nearly episodes to date, almost five times the number of episodes he acted in.

Back in , Donna Bishop walked onto the show. The character was played by Nicola Quilter, but the part nearly went to fellow Australian actress, Kimberley Joseph. Unfortunately, choosing Nicola instead looked like a decision the producers would grow to regret. After nine short months on Home and Away, Nicola announced that she no longer wanted to act. Instead, the youngster wanted to pursue a career in music so walked off the show to follow her dreams.

Even though the actress was only on the show for nine months, she gained a small fanbase, some more obsessed than others.

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In fact, one fan took it so far that they stalked Nicola when she turned up on set to record the show. Nicola was forced to change her phone number to try and avoid the person, and thankfully the plan worked. Since her soap days, Nicola has appeared as various minor roles but now focuses her time on producing instead. Will Smith was one of the many foster kids taken on by Irene Roberts during his time on the show. The character was able to win over the audience with his loveable charm before leaving the show in For the actor, landing the role of Will Smith was the biggest of his career so far.

It looks as though Zac is set to make his comeback in as he is one of the stars set to appear in the horror film, The Marshes. When not on screen, Zac has also played the role of producer for several smaller TV shows. Pippa Ross was unrecognizable to fans of the show back in Pippa had initially been played by Vanessa Downing.

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However, when the actress left the show, Debra Lawrence picked up the role. Debra remained on the show for eight years before her departure, although she did make several reappearances in storylines in the years since. In a twist of fate, Debra has gone on to walk down the aisle in real life with her on-screen love, Dennis Coard who played Michael Ross on the show.

Closer to home, the former actress runs workshops to help teach women communications skills. Debra has reported she wants to help women in Australia to be heard as well as noticed at work. Chris Egan had appeared in a number of commercials in the years leading up to the show, as well as turning his hand to modeling. At the turn of the century, Chris was offered the opportunity to appear in the soap as the player, Nick Smith. With his charm and looks, Nick was able to woo many women on the show.

Three years after signing up for the show, Chris waved his final goodbyes as he boarded a plane with a one-way ticket to Hollywood. The move was an incredible career decision for the actor as he was able to go on and land a huge number of roles.

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Some of these include Letters to Juliet, Kings, the starring role in two of the Resident Evil films, and, most recently, Chris has been seen as Alex Lannon for the hit American show, Dominion. Being offered the role of Frank Morgan saw Alex play the initial foster child of Pippa who moved to Summer Bay to start a new life. Although Alex was on the show for just one year, he did make several appearances later on.

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Even after the episodes of the show he appeared in, Alex continued to act for many years in other TV shows. Most recently the actor has appeared in the comedy show, Offspring. The actor believed that this would give him a step into the acting world, which is precisely what happened. In , Neau made his debut on TV when he appeared in the show, Breakers. Noah was the lead star of the show for four years before his departure.

Fans were left heartbroken when Sarah Lewis fatally shot the character in Beau and Bec took their relationship one step further as the couple were engaged in real life. Sadly, they have since broken up. Since the off-screen breakup, Beau has retrained as a personal trainer and laborer to keep his life out of the limelight. Playing Shannon Reed was one of the first roles for actress Isla Fisher. Her striking red hair caught the attention of everyone in Summer Bay, which sometimes had disastrous results. With plenty of sass, Shannon was determined to stir up emotions between the couples of Summer Bay.

Playing Shannon was the first step toward a significant and prosperous acting career. The actress has since moved to Hollywood where she has appeared in movies such as Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bachelorette, and Wedding Crashers to name but a few. In , Isla walked down the aisle with fellow actor and comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen. The pair have two daughters, Olive and Elula, and a son named Montgomery.

Isla is still acting to date as she has two films in the works for already. The character was only in the show for nineteen episodes, yet he was still able to cram a lot into his time on screen. James applies for a position as a photography teacher at the school where he meets Roxy Miller. The pair quickly develops feelings for each other which escalates into a relationship. However, when James is offered a better position, he leaves the show. In reality, it is rumored James was forced to resign after having regular arguments with the producers of the show.

James was one of the first roles for this actor. Since the show, life has been on the up. Simon is now a major name in Hollywood with new films in the work. He managed to win the heart of Sally Fletcher. Scott was using Sally to get access to answers for an upcoming test. When the teachers catch the pair, Sally confesses what really happened. Scott believes his new love has betrayed him so sets about making her life a misery. Scott is finally expelled after trying to frame Sally for stealing. On January 22, , it was announced that the actor had passed away.

The actor was just 28 years old, and his passing still remains as one of the biggest tragedies in modern Hollywood. Alf Stewart first graced our screens back in during the pilot and has remained in the show ever since. Ray has been involved in a vast number of storylines over the years, including discovering secret children from his past, having several health scares, and seeing many of his family and friends come and go over the years.

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